Are you still scratching your head asking, “what are some good reasons my business should have a mobile app?” Clutch, a leading app development research company, recently surveyed business owners on their primary motivations for going mobile:

The top 3 reasons business owners decide to get a mobile are: Improve customer experience; Increase sales; Keep a competitive edge.

The survey concludes these top 3 reasons:

  1. To improve Customer Service or Experience
  2. To Boost Sales
  3. To Successfully Compete with Other Businesses

Coincidentally, these top reasons coincide with why customers report as their “top reasons they are most likely to download and use a business’s app.”

Apps have to be useful for the end user, or in other words, your customers. If your customers find that your app contains promotions, rewards, incentives, educational information and entertaining content they will download your app and use it… repeatedly.  Businesses with a mobile app that’s useful report a 30% increase in NEW business each year! Whew! That’s a big increase!

Click on each of the 3 reasons above to read more in depth about how to use your app to improve customer service, boost sales and get an edge over your competition.

Colleen is co-founder of Brandgarden Mobile Solutions.

Colleen is Co-Founder of DIY Mobile Apps and Mobile Solutions. She’s an Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Trainer and Napoleon Hill Instructor. She lives in Charlotte, NC and enjoys Bikram yoga, wine and a great cup of coffee. Follow her #Coffeetalk on Instagram @AppGirlontheGo

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