• 68% of app users enable Push Notifications when they download an app.
  • 70% of consumers reported that Push Notifications  were valuable to them.
  • 43% of consumers reported they were more likely to use an app that sent Push Notifications.

    1. Ask yourself, “Is this Push Notification Interesting and Personalized to my customers?”

I’ve read a lot of blog posts about Push Notifications and they all say the same thing, “make it relevant.” But I think that’s too vague and nondescript. What does that really mean, “make it relevant?”  That’s why I phrased my first strategy in the form of a question to ask yourself… from the viewpoint of your customer.

Just because YOU, the business owner think something is relevant and important doesn’t mean your customer does. Ask yourself, “what am I trying to accomplish with this Push Notification: drive traffic to my store or website? Increase sales by promoting the use of a Coupon/ Promotion? Ask for Referrals? Drive traffic to a sponsor’s website? Sell tickets or get people to sign up for an event or fill up my appointment book? 

There are three main reasons people want to receive Push Notifications from your business:

  • 50% for receiving special offers of exclusive Mobile VIP offers
  • 34% to receive a notice of flash sales and real time sales and appointment availability
  • 29% to receive information about new or limited inventory of products and services

The bottom line is that a higher percentage of your customers DO want to receive Push Notifications, than do not want to receive them.  Use them wisely and strategically and you will drive traffic to your store, website and events. You will increase your in-store and on-line sales and you will have more sign-ups, memberships and a fuller appointment schedule.

Keep Push Notifications customer- focused. Save business announcements for your Blog, Press Releases and Newsletters.

2. Keep your call to action easy.

When you send a Push Notification, be sure to link it to the button on your app that pertains to that Push’s message. For example if you just listed a new Schedule of Events for the month, link that Push Notification to the Events Buttons so when customers click on the Push Notification, they are immediately tele-transported to the Events page where they can view the event.

Promoting a new coupon? Link the Push Notification  directly to the Coupon Button on your app where they can view the items you’re promoting in your Push.

Do you have a new Rewards Points program? Link the Push Notification to the Rewards Button.   

Re-scheduled Rain-Date? Link the Push Notification to the Events Button.

Promoting Special of the Day? Link the Push Notification to either your Menu or the Call Now for a Reservation Button.


Is it time for customers to check their accounts or pay their bills? Link your Push Notification to the Button where they can access their accounts.

Have some open slots in your Schedule? Link your Push Notification to your Scheduler Button.

Whatever you are promoting or talking about in your Push Notification be sure to link it to the exact location on your Mobile App.

3. Be Timely.

If you’re having a Flash Sale today only from 11-3 sending out a Push Notification mid-way through the sale kind of makes your VIP Mobile App Customers feel VIP-less. They downloaded your app and engaged the Push Notifications so they could be “the first to know.”

Be mindful of what you’re promoting and ask yourself, “is this time sensitive?” For example sending out a lunch special is best received if sent around 11-11:30 am when stomachs are grumbling and people are starting to wonder, “what should I have for lunch?”

If you want to grab the attention of stay at home Moms & Dads,  sending a Push Notification mid to late morning is great because they have enough time in their day to read it and take action. If you send the message too late in the day, they will be on their way to the car-pool lane or waiting at the bus stop and once they have their kids, you will lose their attention.

Also – don’t send Push Notifications late at night. If you’re a restaurant on the West Coast, there’s a good chance that not too many East Coasters will have your app, so if you send out a Push Notification at 7:00 PM to fill some empty seats in your restaurant, its OK. However if you have a nation-wide or global business, you might want to check a world clock and find when the best time zones are to send Push Notifications.

The Push Notification is a powerful marketing tool in your marketing arsenal. Use it strategically and often and watch your business grow.

Colleen is co-founder of Brandgarden Mobile Solutions.

Colleen is Co-Founder of BrandgardenTech.com DIY Mobile Apps and Brandgarden.biz Mobile Solutions. She’s an Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Trainer and Napoleon Hill Instructor. She lives in Charlotte, NC and enjoys Bikram yoga, wine and a great cup of coffee. Follow her #Coffeetalk on Instagram @AppGirlontheGo

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