Your customers lead demanding lives. They juggle kids, jobs, after school sports, bake sales and charity events. They really want to buy your products but can’t seem to fit in a trip to your store. A mobile app is a great way to make shopping easy for your customers. Let’s face it, the easier it is for them to spend money with you, the faster and more they will spend. A recent survey reported that consumers spend more money shopping on a mobile app verses a website.

Offer your customers the opportunity to shop 24/7 on your mobile app and watch your sales go up, up, up.

1. Linking all of your on-line shopping sites to your mobile app will make the buying process easy and effortless for your customers.

 They can see everything you sell without having to go from internet site to internet site to find you. This is customer empowerment. You are now giving your customers the power to look at all of your merchandise in one spot and to easily click and buy. The fewer steps a customer has to take to buy from you the more money they are likely to spend with you, because you made their shopping experience easy. Each on-line site has its own button on your app so customers can easily go from your eBay store to your Etsy store to your Bonanza store!

2. Create your own in-app store!

Set up e-Commerce right on your app and create a store full of products.Customers never leave your app and enjoy fast and easy shopping. You can set up PayPal or Square store that links directly to your mobile app so customers feel safe when checking out. 

3. Use your mobile app to give your customers an on-line, in-app experience without breaking the rules set by Shopify or e-Bay.

If you sell on eBay, then you know that eBay prohibits you from marketing to the folks that buy from you. Do you own a cosmetics or nutritional supplements franchise with guidelines that prohibit you from selling your products on-line or outside your brick and mobile store?  Create lists of items that your customers frequently purchase from you, for example list out skin care products, make-up, meal shakes and vitamin supplements. Customers click on the items they want to purchase, fill in their name, address and e-mail information and that form is sent directly to your e-mail. Call the customer to take their CC information and process it, then ask if the customer will be coming in to pick up their products in which case you’ll have it all packaged up and ready for them or, would they like you to ship it to them?

4. Make your next location a mobile store!

Are you thinking of opening up another brick and mortar location? While this is the traditional business model that you know and love, why not consider a mobile store?

There are two types of mobile businesses. The first is literally a mobile store, complete with wheels and a steering wheel.  Re-furbishing vintage delivery trucks is all the rage in the food industry and is now a new trend in the fashion industry as well. Using your mobile app you can attach a GPS device to your mobile store and send push notifications letting your customers know where you will be that morning, afternoon or evening. With the GPS tracker, linked to your mobile app, customers can actually pinpoint your location on the map and drive easily to your mobile store.

The second type of mobile store is a combination of using a website and a mobile app. Products and services are arranged in your website just like in a brick and mortar store. Links are provided from your website to your mobile app giving customers a full on-line shopping experience through your mobile app. If you’re a consignment store, consigners can set up their own accounts, post their own products, list them for sale and you earn a percentage of every sale! No rent, no staff, no touching the merchandise!

Colleen is co-founder of Brandgarden Mobile Solutions.

Colleen is Co-Founder of BrandgardenTech Mobile Apps and Brandgarden Mobile Solutions. She’s an Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Trainer and Napoleon Hill Instructor. She lives in Charlotte, NC and enjoys Bikram yoga, wine and a great cup of coffee. Follow her #Coffeetalk on Instagram @AppGirlontheGo

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