Are you the proud owner of a shiny new mobile app and you’d like to spring into action using it? Here are 7 mobile marketing strategies you can use Today, as in RIGHT NOW to have some fun marketing with your mobile app. Remember the more app downloads you have the more effective this marketing will be. Maybe you only have 10 or 20 downloads your first few days, but don’t hold off on your marketing efforts, get those customers excited and engaged because they will help share the app with their friends once they start seeing how fun and easy it is to use and shop with.

Today, pick one of these easy- to -do mobile marketing strategies or, do all 7, they’re that easy: 

1. Offer exclusive in-app coupons, specials and promotions.

This is the easiest mobile marketing strategy. Make one a “New App User Discount” that is redeemable at the register. Create at least 2 or more coupons, discounts, specials or promotions. Create some that are on-going perhaps lasting a month or a season and create some that have expiration dates of 2-3 weeks and change them out regularly every 2-3 weeks. Nothing gets your app deleted from a customer’s phone faster than old, expired coupons, specials or discounts. Keep them fresh with the seasons, change out the photos and be creative in what you’re offering. Send out a Push Notification letting customers know there’s something new waiting for them in the Promotions section of their app. 

2. Have Flash Sales and promote by sending a Push Notification.

Flash sales are a very unique mobile marketing strategy because only businesses with a mobile app can effectively do them. A Flash sale is a last minute, spur of the moment sale that may run all day or just for a few hours during the day. Do a flash sale every once in a while. Send out a push notification offering a discount, gift, food and beverages while shopping on that day or during certain hours. People will come.

3. Link your app to your website and to any other shopping sites that you sell on such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Bonanza,etc.

This may not seem like a mobile marketing strategy but it is – and a good one. The purpose of marketing is to drive traffic to your on-line stores or brick and mortar locations. Once they arrive at those places, then the sales process begins. You may have the same merchandise listed on all of these sites but when customers see the same thing on a different site it can look different to them. If they did remember it, the repetition serves like an ad and the products will stay with them in their minds. If you have different items on all of these sites then customers can shop your entire inventory offering from one convenient place, your mobile app.

4. Use Instagram like a merchandise preview.

Use Instagram to show new merchandise or old merchandise displayed in a new style or new way (great for furniture, antiques, jewelry or clothing). Always include a price in the Instagram post and begin training your customers to open your app and “shop” through your Instagram account.

5. Keep your social media fun, fresh and filled up!

If you have fun and engaging social media posts that intermittently features merchandise for sale amidst the fun and informative posts, your customers will love looking through your feeds on your mobile app. Your app can live link to your social media feed. In case your feed doesn’t show up in all of your customers’ feeds they can see all your posts right on your app.  Your customers will come to find your posts engaging and from you app they can click, like and share which will increase your posts’ ratings in Facebook’s algorithms. 

6. Use your app for a giveaway!

One sports store gave away a pair of Oakley sunglasses with his app. He created a form just for the giveaway and he promoted the give away al over his social media and in his store. He had over 200 people enter to win and now has over 200 new e-mails in his database. Now he can harness the power of e-mail and mobile marketing to his growing e-mail list and app users.

7. Take a video of your store, showing people around.

Rene Stone, owner of Second Time Treasures in Dunedin, FL uses her mobile phone and slowly walks through the store showing off new furniture pieces and home decor. She then posts to YouTube which is linked to her mobile app. With a Push Notification she can alert everyone to check out the new video and see what’s new.


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