Does your Small Business’s App Measure Up?

The Next Generation of Small Business App Software is here. Whether you built your own app or someone built if for you, how does it measure up to other apps? Are you getting the results you wanted?

22 Free Ways to Promote Your App

There are hundreds of ways to promote a mobile app from the obvious like signs, promotional products and printing it on your marketing materials, to the lesser known websites where you can post your app for people to find on the internet. This article is a great beginner’s guide to marketing your mobile app. Follow these 23 free strategies, just one a day and watch your app downloads grow.

Use your App To Build Long-Term Loyal Customers

Customers love mobile apps and they build stronger relationships with businesses that have a mobile app. Building long-term, loyal customers for life should be the number one reason that your business gets an app. Customer loyalty has never been easier than with a mobile app. This article explains the top ways to build long-terms relationships with your customers using a mobile app.

Rejected by Apple? How To Get Your App Approved

Building your own mobile app has been made fun and easy as a result of the many DIY app platforms such as However submitting it and getting approved by Apple is an entirely different story. There are a ton of reasons mobile apps get rejected by Apple. This article outlines the top 7 most common reasons for rejection and what fixes you can do to prevent them.

How Content Boosts Sales on Mobile Apps

Advertising experts will tell you that its really the sizzle that sells that steak. The content on your mobile app is the sizzle of your business and it is the powerful (or lack luster) silent sales person either doing a great job of selling or doing a poor job of selling based on how well the content is written.

Top 5 Most Effective Mobile App Coupons

Consumers can’t resist a sale or promotion. So much so that when you walk through a shopping center, store windows showcase the new arrivals but lure us inside with the promise of 30% off or BOGO offers.  Like a fish to a worm, we’re hooked and in we go “just to take...

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