How Content Boosts Sales on Mobile Apps

Advertising experts will tell you that its really the sizzle that sells that steak. The content on your mobile app is the sizzle of your business and it is the powerful (or lack luster) silent sales person either doing a great job of selling or doing a poor job of selling based on how well the content is written.

Top 5 Most Effective Mobile App Coupons

Consumers can’t resist a sale or promotion. So much so that when you walk through a shopping center, store windows showcase the new arrivals but lure us inside with the promise of 30% off or BOGO offers.  Like a fish to a worm, we’re hooked and in we go “just to take...

3 Top Reasons Businesses Get an App

Are you still scratching your head asking, “what are some good reasons my business should have a mobile app?” Clutch, a leading app development research company, recently surveyed business owners on their primary motivations for going mobile: The survey concludes...

7 Easy Mobile Marketing Strategies

Business owners with a new mobile app can get started immediately with their marketing doing these 7 things: exclusive coupons or promotions; push notification; flash sale; Instagram new inventory; create a contest; make a short video.

7 Ways to use your App as a Receptionist

Its amazing what your mobile app can do. Many business owners don't realize all of the power they have within their own mobile apps. Unfortunately many app developers don't take the time to really understand their clients' businesses in order to fully develop an app...

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