Its amazing what your mobile app can do. Many business owners don’t realize all of the power they have within their own mobile apps. Unfortunately many app developers don’t take the time to really understand their clients’ businesses in order to fully develop an app that will make their businesses easier to run. Forms, in-app Schedulers and FAQ are valuable, but often forgotten functionality.

For example, do your customers have questions about merchandise or placing orders? If you’re the owner of a bakery, offer personal shopping services, or sell antiques do your customers inquire about price quotes and ask questions like, “do you have XYZ…?” or “can you get XYZ…?” or, “how much will XYZ cost for 150 people?”  Questions like these can keep your receptionist or staff tied up on the phone for hours. 

Here are 7 ways that a mobile app can function as a great receptionist:

1. Create interactive forms.

Your customers are busy people and sometimes they don’t get around to planning that surprise party until late at night when you’re closed. Creating forms on your app lets your customers be able to start the sales process when its convenient for them and you can answer their questions and send a price quote when its convenient for you. Forms can even allow your customers to send you photos and they can ask all of the questions you need answers to in order to give a proper price quote and make a sale. 

2. Forms pre-qualify customers so you can sort out the Lookie-Lous from the serious buyers.

By asking key questions on forms you can better qualify leads for your business and not tie up your staff’s time with people who are just looking for information and aren’t ready to buy now. You can also collect peoples’ information so you can send them news of sales promotions and continue to follow up with them when they are ready to buy.

3. FAQ page cuts down on a lot of phone calls.

Put all of your customers’ most burning questions right on the app and label the button “FAQ”. This sounds pretty simple but its an over-looked function many businesses don’t consider when designing their apps. In truth, consumers love when they can quickly answer their own questions without having to be bothered to pick up the phone. Remember, your customers are multi-tasking and doing their research and shopping early in the morning, late at night or on the fly. The more information you can give them on your mobile app the easier you’re making it for them to do business with you. 

4. Don’t forget the directions.

4. “Where are you located?” “What building are you in?” “What is your suite number?” Your app can give your address, show your exact location on a map and provide GPS turn by turn directions to your location in just one click.

5. What time do you open?

 “What time do you open?” “Are you open on Saturdays?”  “What is the latest you stay open until?” Every customer needs to know when your business is open and when its closed.  Its super easy for customers to find this information on your app.

6. Send push notification of extended hours or early closings.

Do you have to close do to a severe storm in your area? Are you going to be closed or have extended hours during a holiday? Let your customers know instantly of store openings and closings.

7. Let your App schedule your appointments!

If you’re a business which offers services that your clients have to book an appointment for the in-app scheduler is priceless! By linking to your on-line scheduler customers can see you schedule and book. Customers can see if you have last minute openings and they can also book in advance. This is a favorite feature of mobile app users and business owners who are dependent upon scheduling for their services.

Colleen is co-founder of Brandgarden Mobile Solutions.

Colleen is Co-Founder of BrandgardenTech Mobile Apps and Brandgarden Mobile Solutions. She’s an Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Trainer and Napoleon Hill Instructor. She lives in Charlotte, NC and enjoys Bikram yoga, wine and a great cup of coffee. Follow her #Coffeetalk on Instagram @AppGirlontheGo

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