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The App Stores

App Stores

An App Store is a marketplace where you go to download mobile apps. Some mobile apps are free to download and some you have to pay for.

The two largest App Stores that we are most concerned with because this is where your store’s app “lives”: Google Play and the App Store/ iTunes.

Google Play Store is the marketplace to buy and download all apps for Android devices and Tablets. The App Store which is also known as iTunes is where you buy and download all apps for iPhones and iPads.

Let’s learn how to download a mobile app.

First, identify if you have an iPhone or an Android phone and find your App store icon on your smartphone.

Take a quick minute to get to know what you’re looking at in the Google Play Store and the App Store (aka iOS in the image you see on your screen right now.) They have a very similar layout when you’re searching for an app. You see the app name, app icon, you may see a promotional graphic and possible a promotion video. You can see app ratings and you will also see a description of what that app does or what it is used for and if the app is free or if it costs money. If the app costs money to download the price is displayed such as $.99 or $24.00 or it will see “Free”

Even though some apps are free of charge you may still see a “Buy’” button but when you download it you will not be charged.

In Google Play and The App Store you can search for apps by name or by category.

In order to download an app onto your phone you must have a credit card associated with your phone and a password that you set up to access the app stores. You most likely set these up when you first got your phone and were setting it up for use. But, if you are accessing Google Play or iTunes for the first time you will be asked to enter a credit card and set up a username and password. Some phones allow you to use an imprint of your thumb to make purchases and download Apps. This is set up when you set up your phone.

Even if you don’t ever plan on purchasing an app and plan on only using free apps, you still have to have a working Credit Card associated with your phone and the Google Play Store or App Store.

Click “Get” or “Buy”

You will be prompted to either enter your password or use Touch ID and if you have an Android, at this step Google Play will prompt you to “Agree to a list of approvals” just click “OK” on all the approvals. If you don’t, you can’t get the app.

Congratulations! You just downloaded a mobile app!

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