Advertising experts tell us that its really the “sizzle” that sells the steak. The content on your mobile app is the “sizzle” of your business. Your content is either powerful and effective or its weak and ineffective. Either way, its your silent sales person and its either doing a great job of selling or doing a poor job of selling based on how well the content is written.

Well written content doesn’t mean you have to be an award winning author using fancy jargon and big flowery words. It just means that you write well enough to communicate to the people looking at your app. You can connect with them, you can write kind of like you speak and you can write well enough to get people to take some action.

When we think of content we think of blogs, websites and SEO. SEO is the the technical acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is how the search engines like Google and Yahoo rank your website. Are you on the first page, the 110th page or the 1 millionth page when someone types in a keyword and is searching for you.  All blogs and websites are ranked based on content. The search engines, like Google have little “robots” that are constantly darting around all the websites on the internet and they report back to a central command post with what they find. They can ONLY find WRITTEN CONTENT.

Your Mobile App has written content too and that content is powerful. Here’s why: 1) mobile apps will soon be able to be searched through regular search engines like Google and Yahoo; 2) the content on your mobile app acts like a silent sales person as people read the content on your app, they form an opinion about you, your business, your team. Well-written content convinces people to click through to coupons, your website, sign up for things and purchase things.  The content of a mobile app is found in the “About Us” Section, Video Titles and Descriptions, Product Descriptions, and interspersed throughout the small amount of text you include in Coupons, Promotions, Loyalty Card, Rewards Points and at the top or bottom of Forms that you have created.

Let your personality shine through your written words. If you’re not a great writer, then write out what you want to say and either a) grab a thesaurus and change out some plain words for more descriptive ones or b) enlist the help of a family member, friend or client. Of course you can always drop by or to hire a writer. Spending a few bucks and a couple extra hours can really make the difference of how your app reads with your audience.

Here are a few examples of of content with no sizzle and then were re-written with sizzle:

About Us

No Sizzle: “Hello, welcome to Crafty Brews. My name is Matt and I started Crafty Brews 5 years ago.” 

Sizzle:   “I love to embrace life, my wife and a cold craft beer, which is why I followed my passion of creating Crafty Brews. I used to crunch numbers, now I crunch wheat and hops.”

No Sizzle: “Fresh baked bread, cookies and fabulous looking decorative cakes.”

Sizzle: “Fresh baked, mouth-watering French baguettes that will have you saying “oui oui” for more. Melt in your mouth and in your hand chocolate chip cookies baked fresh all day long. Decorative cakes guaranteed to make jaws drop, the Jones’s jealous and your Facebook page light up with shares.”


No Sizzle: Manicure & Pedicure $45 special today through Saturday.

Sizzle:  “Me Time” on special! Relax and feel beautiful with a peaceful mani-pedi for just $45 now through Saturday.

Relax as you soak your toes in rosewater and breathe in the fresh aroma of rosehips and mint. Then invigorate your feet and your senses with a sensory pumice and sea salt scrub. Lastly, sit back and let us pamper your nails with the hottest colors of polish newly arrived for the season and finish off with a sea salt scrub and hand massage. This blissful “Me Time” is available today through Saturday with this mobile app coupon.

No Sizzle: Its $5 import bottle night. Free pizza if you play trivia with us. Use the following coupon for a $4 Lemon Wedgie Shooter.

Sizzle: Kick back, put your feet up, relax and… just kidding! Its $5 import night and use this coupon for a $4 Lemon Wedgie Shooter!  Get in here, bring some friends and prepare to whoop it up as you challenge your friends to see who’s smarter than a 5th grader. Did someone say “Free pizza?” Yes! We did! Free pizza for all Trivia-heads tonight! Relax at the office tomorrow – come out for some fun tonight!


No Sizzle: Tell us how we did today. Fill out the form below answering questions about your visit today and enter to win a free appetizer. One winner every week.

Sizzle: Did we knock your socks off? If we provided, socks-knocked-off-service, please take a minute to tell us what you loved. If your socks didn’t fall off during your visit, please tell us how we can improve to make that happen next time. As a thank you, we will enter you into our weekly drawing for a Free Appetizer.

No Sizzle: Thank you so much for sharing us with your friends. We truly appreciate the referral. After 10 referrals I’d like to send you a Starbucks gift card.

Sizzle: What? You love us so much you referred  your friends? Wow! Thank you! We’re not like the movies where you tell friends to see it and they don’t even send you free popcorn. If you love is enough to share us with your friends, we’d like to say Thank you with your most favorite Starbucks drink. If we’re 10 friend worthy (refer 10 friends) we’ll send you a Starbucks Gift card… your mocha carmel latte skinny double espresso is waiting for you!

No Sizzle: Fill out the Personal Shopper form below and we’ll keep an eye out to help you find what you’re looking for.

Sizzle: Maaahhhvelous dahhhlink… simply Maaahhhvelous! Welcome Dahhlink, to our Personal Shopper Form. Just type a few details of the fabulous things in life that you want to fill your home or closet with and our Finders of Fabulousness will be on the lookout to see if can help make your life a little more Maaahhhvelous.

Read through your app. Did you smile? Did you feel engaged? Did it make you hungry, thirsty for more? If not, open up that Dictionary which sits on your computer’s Desktop or download the Webster Dictionary app and look up some tremendous and exciting adjectives that will get your mobile app sizzling like a steak on a grill.

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