How Can I Use My App To Market To My e-Bay Customers and Other Private Platform Customers?

I met Marc Cain, Owner of Vintage Choice Jewelers, a Re-Seller of Vintage Jewelry and Collectibles. Marc is a Power Seller on eBay, and has achieved the highest rankings awarded to a Seller.

During our conversation he shared with me that he cannot market to e-Bay customers who buy from him unless they sign up for his newsletter. “Wait. What?” Yes, I really said that. I totally understand eBay’s concept behind this (after Marc explained it to me) but I literally lost sleep over the fact that in all his years of selling on eBay and the thousands of people he has sold to world-wide, he had only collected names and e-mail addresses of about a dozen people.

Mobile App to the rescue! Marc now has a Mobile app and on the bottom of every receipt and in every order that ships out, Marc promotes his App.  He offers a discount for first time App users and lets people know that they can shop all of his stores and be the first ones to see newly added merchandise.

He also has a form for Sellers to complete so now he can advantageously find valuable vintage items from all over the globe.

As with eBay other platforms such as Snob Swap and PoshMark may have similar restrictions. By having these customers download your Mobile App, you are marketing through your App and not to them directly. They have chosen to download your App.

Additionally, you are opening up your entire inventory for them to view, not just what’s in your eBay store or PoshMark “Closet.” They will receive Push Notifications and you can include special Discounts and Promotions for them such as reduced shipping, bundling specials, etc. when they continue to shop with you on those platforms.

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