FAQ – What is My App’s Landing Page and How Do I Use It?

At Brandgarden we create an App Landing Page for all of our Clients. This is a website page that has its own web address also known as a url.
You can use the Landing Page in its print format and make it into a poster or any kind of signage or you can direct people to your app’s Landing page using the url (web address). The Landing Page directs people to download your app whether they have an Android or iPhone.
To find your App’s Landing Page and url:
  1. Log in/ open up your App’s Dashboard
  2. Click on “Promotion” in the left side bar menu
  3. In the box “App Site” click on one of the live links and it will open your Landing Page for you to view. This step allows you to simply view your Landing Page so you can see it.
  4. To use your page, such as printing it or sharing you will want to go back to where you can view the url’s in the “App Site” box so hit the back bar in your browser to go back one page.
  5. Copy and paste the URL in an e-mail or text message and send it to yourself for use, or, every time you want to use it you can follow these steps to get to your url and then copy and paste it to wherever you’re using it, such as a social media post, e-mail, etc.
12 Ways to Use your App’s Landing Page
  • Print and use as a flyer or postcard to be mailed or distributed by hand
  • Print & post around your store – laminate or put into decorative photo frames
  • Print onto the back of your Business Cards
  • Print these as the back side of hang-tags for merchandise
  • Insert into Presentations that you give
  • Print & hang in dressing rooms or other high traffic areas
  • Print & hand out at conventions, events
  • Print onto promotional giveaway products like Mugs, Keychains, Phone covers, Coozies, etc
  • Post the URL on all of your social media platforms at least once each week!
  • Print onto stickers that can be used on your shopping bags, dressing room mirrors – anywhere you can stick a sticker!
  • Print onto Table Tents and Sidewalk Signage
  • Print onto pillows, T-shirts, aprons, drink holders and use in your business every day.

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