FAQ – How Do I Promote My App in my Newsletters and E-Mails?

Live Link App Landing Page to your e-Mail Signature

At the bottom, top or somewhere in the middle of EVERY E-MAIL include a live link to your app’s landing page url.
Include the words, “Click here to download our App.”
Use your e-Mail database to Further Promote What’s Happening on Your Mobile App
Promote upcoming Events, Special Discounts/Sales, Review Us, Employee of the Month voting.

Promote how easy it is to shop your website and Instagram pages through your mobile app and see new arrivals/ promotions/ specials.

It’s extremely important to integrate your Mobile App into your existing e-mail campaigns and to not only invite people to download and use your App, but to reinforce their use of the App and continue encouraging them to use it.

If you include a section in your e-mails about Discounts available on the App, a new Shoe event with “all the details on our mobile App” you will be creating intrigue about your Mobile App as well as continually reminding App users to keep checking the App for new videos, events and discounts as well as new items for sale.

How Do I Send a Push Notification?
This is also covered in a 2 minute training video http://brandgardentech.com/tech-training/
  1. Login/ open up your App’s Dashboard
  2. Click “Push Notifications” in left side menu bar

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