FAQ – How Do I Promote My App Outside Store?

How Do I Promote My App Outside Store?


1) Put it On Your Website 
Have your Web Developer add a button on your Menu Bar “Download our App” and link the button to a new page in your website that features  your App’s Landing Page.
2) Promotional Products
You probably have pens, mugs, key chains, shopping bags and

other promotional items bearing your company’s name & website. Now that you have an App, you want to include that on your promotional products.

Met Life uses their Snoopy mascot. He’s holding a mobile phone with their app’s QR code printed on it. One scan takes you to their Mobile App.

Some stores have a weekly “App Day” where staff where a T-shirt saying “We’re Appy” and customers can scan the QR code right from the T-shirt or are directed to visit the App Store, Google  Play or Microsoft.


3) Brochures, Business Cards, Hand-Outs
On all Brochures, Business cards, Folders, Flyers, Letters, Hand-outs of any kind print the following verbiage:
“Download our App. Visit Google Play or the App Store and type in (your app name here.)”
4) Blog About It/ Connect with Bloggers
Write a Short Blog Post

Write a Blog Post announcing your App and post the link to that Blog post all over your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn,  Google + and any forums and groups you are a part of.

Connect with Bloggers


Use Google Search to find Bloggers that have target markets similar to yours and submit your blog post to them.  Bloggers love give aways so you can also incorporate a Gift Card to your store as part of this promotion.

Don’t be discouraged if Bloggers want to charge you to post your blog, keep looking until you find ones that don’t or that will accept a Gift Card to your store as payment. Yes, you may end up in a Blog that’s outside your market, but the credibility of being on that Blog is valuable within your market! Once you’re on someone’s blog, be sure to share that link all over your Social Media.

Ask other Suppliers/ Vendors/ Partners if they would post your blog article on their blogs or if they would write a blog about you and your new Mobile App. Or if they’d share it on their social media.
5) Have a Contest

One store owner gave away a pair of Oakley sunglasses with his app. He created a form just for the giveaway and he promoted the give away all over his social media and in his store. Over 200 people entered to win and thus download his app. As a result he has 200 new e-mails in his database and is now harnessing the power of e-mail and mobile marketing to grow his business.


6) Write a Press Release

Having a mobile app is newsworthy. Write a press release and send it to area news writers and editors. Find out who the writers are that cover small business AND technology (they will most likely be two different people) and submit your stories to both categories because its small business news and also technology news.

You can also hire a free-lance PR Rep from places like upward.com (formerly e-Lance.com) or search your local Chamber of Commerce website for a good referral. A trained PR Rep will have access to more avenues for getting your story out there.

Here are 20 Free places you can list or distribute your Press Release:



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