FAQ – How Do I Promote My App in Other Places on the Internet?

How To Promote Your App in Other Places on the Internet for More Exposure

Apps are made to be downloaded onto peoples’ phones and used from peoples’ phones.  They live in what is called an “App Store.” Each “App Store” also has an on-line URL address. These on-line App Stores are called  “Online Marketplaces.” You can use these URL addresses in any of your social media posts, blog posts and any on-line marketing content:
The App Store (iPhones)
1. Visit App Store  https://itunes.apple.com/us/genre/ios/id36?mt=8
2. Click —> iTunes Store
3. Type in the name of your App in the Search Bar
4. Click—>  on your App icon when you see it
5. Click—>  on the Dropdown menu BELOW your app icon
6. Click —> Copy Link & paste somewhere for future use

Google Play Store (Androids)
1. Visit Google Play https://play.google.com/store
2. Type in the name of your App in the Search Bar
3. Copy your App’s URL & save for future use

Promote Your App In These 6 App Stores:
There are lesser known App stores out there and although they may not be considered as heavy hitters don’t underestimate their power for bringing you new app users that found you natively (as opposed to your own in-store or on-line “Download My App Campaigns”. ) You can submit your App yourself or ask your App Developer to do it for you for a charge of between $200-$300.
GetJar   http://www.getjar.com/?o=new
SlideMe  http://slideme.org/
Opera Mobile Store http://html5.oms.apps.opera.com/en_gb/
AppsLib http://www.appslib.com/

Google Indexing
Using Google Indexing gives your App the opportunity to stand out in a Google Search. Your App could appear on Google searches for Consignment Stores if the consumer is within your location and if your App is in the Google Index.

Don’t expect your App will have first page rankings… but it could, you never know. However Google Indexing will give it a boost from where it would be otherwise.

Google created this video on how to Google Index your App. If you’re a Techie, you can do this yourself if not, you may have to hire an App Developer to do this for you.  Expect to be charged $200 – $300 to Google Index your App, but its worth it.


Apply For App Awards
There’s nothing like a little recognition and winning an award can go a long way for publicity. The world wide web is a mighty big place. The way to increase your own footprint on it is to have more content of yourself and your business on as many websites as possible and have live links to as many websites as possible. Awards are a great way to do that. Here are just a few Awards you may wish to apply for. You may not quality for all of them but you might also find other App Awards opportunities that are not listed here:

• Appy Awards      http://www.mediapost.com/appyawards/
• Best App Ever Awards    http://www.bestappever.com/
• AppCircus Competition    http://appcircus.com/
• Apple Design Awards    https://developer.apple.com/design/awards/
• Appsters Awards    https://the-appsters.com/
• Ericsson Application Awards    http://www.ericsson.com/thecompany/events/eia-2016
• The Webby Awards    http://webbyawards.com/
• Best Mobile App Awards    https://bestmobileappawards.com/
• OZApp    http://ozapp.com.au/

Live Link App Landing Page to your e-Mail Signature
Add a live link to your App’s Landing page in your e-mail signature.  Add the words “Download our App” under your name or phone number and make those words into a live link, by linking them directly to your App’s landing page. It will show up as a live link so people will know to click on it.
Industry Influencers
Use Influencers in your industry to help promote your App. You can offer them a joint venture where they receive something of value to them (a place on your App?) in exchange for their help in promoting your App or, if your App is relevant to them they may just promote it because its helpful for them to do so. Use http://buzzsumo.com/ to help find out who the big Influencers are in your industry.

Creating a Tribe
Social Media pros use a strategy of creating Tribes. A Tribe is made up of a group of individuals whom intentionally share, like, post, comment on one another’s social media posts, blog posts and other on-line interactive postings and articles.

The strategy is both about exposure as well as “getting the party started,” and what I mean by that is sometimes people don’t want to be the first to comment or share a post but if they see others have commented or shared first they are more likely to follow along.

The agreement with your Tribe members is they will like, comment, post and share your stuff and you will do the same for them. A Tribe is best made up of 5-10 people although you can do it with more but there’s just more time involved.

With this strategy you need to find people whose content and businesses are similar to yours or whom you like, respect or admire.  It’s helpful if you can find people with similar audiences but that’s not totally necessary for success.

You can use copromote.com where you can create a “tribe” of people where they share your stuff and you share theirs or create a Tribe with friends and colleagues.

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