FAQ – How Do I Promote My App On Social Media?

Use Postcron if You Want to Schedule Your Social Media Posts
Streamline your Social Media by making it fast and easy to post with a social media scheduler. Here is my personal favorite and the one I use. You can up to 4 different social media platforms for free and then after that you have to buy the paid subscription. But its very inexpensive. They have great customer service, that’s fast and responsive and really good analytics if you want to keep track of how well your posts are doing.
Here’s the link to get started:   https://goo.gl/eiNvvI
Instagram is a fast paced social media platform so post daily and don’t by shy about posting more than once per day.
  • Send a push notification – take a screen shot of the push as its showing up on your phone and post that screen shot on Instagram with a message, “Don’t feel un-appy and left out. Download our App and enjoy the VIP service.” Or, “Be appy forever. Download our App today.”  Include landing page URL or directions to download it from the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store.
  • Post pictures of you, your staff and customers using your App & include the download links or instructions to download.
    Hashtag your app name:  #YourAppNameHere in all of your photos
  • Photograph your QR Code and post in your Instagram Account.
Create a board called “Feeling Appy” or “App-etite” or “Appy-Hour” and post the following on it:
  • Send a push notification – take a screen shot of the push as its showing up on your phone and put it on your board with a message, “Don’t feel un-appy and left out. Download our App and enjoy the VIP service. Be appy forever.” Include landing page URL or directions to download it from Google Play & the App Store.
  • Screen shot each page of your App and post with live links to your App Landing Page.
  • Take very creative images of your App in use and create a board. Images to include customers and/or staff using the App, screen shots of your App and your dog looking at your App,etc. Have fun and be creative!
  • Hashtag your App name:  #yourappname  and use it in all of your posts


Monday —> Post Landing Page URL.

Tuesday—> “Reward yourself with Loyalty Points now available on our Mobile App”.

Wednesday —>  “Check our Instagram daily for new arrivals” post a screen shot of Instagram launched from your App and include the link to your App landing page.

Friday —> Send a push notification, take a screen shot of that notification on your phone & put on FB: “Don’t miss out on these secret messages sent only to our App users. Download our App today” include App landing page URL.

Saturday —> “Are you Appy today? Download our app for secret sales, loyalty cards, check your balance, schedule an appointment, sign up for a tee time, etc. “

Facebook Paid Ads & Boosted Posts
We are fans of paid Facebook advertising and post boosting.  If done correctly you can increase your local downloads of your Mobile App and drive traffic to your store. Creating a image of your Mobile App (use Canva) and boost to your audience, every couple of weeks. Facebook Ad & Post Boosting Hack: If you upload your existing database to Facebook you can press button a create a Look -a-like-audience. Facebook will go through your entire uploaded database and find commonalities between everyone. It will then go out to Facebook and promote your ad or boost to post to your Look-a-like audience so you can promote to new people who are very similar to your uploaded database! Its a great way to gain exposure to new people who have a lot in common with your existing customers!

We offer paid Social Media training. If you’re interested e-mail colleen@brandgarden.biz for pricing and details.
Facebook Live Video
Now you can take a video and post it directly to Facebook! This is an excellent way to launch your App as well as continually keep your App in front of your customers! Promote new Coupons/ Promotions on your App via live video as well as show your Customers when a new Push Notification was sent out. Anyone seeing your video who doesn’t have your App will not want to be left out!

Set your Facebook’s Call To Action Button to point toward’s your App’s Landing page and label it “Download our App.” 
1) Hover over the blue button “Contact Us” that shows up by default on your page. You may have this set to your website, but you might want to reconsider and have it set to your mobile app where you can more fully capture your target audience and market to them (which you can’t do on your website.)
2) Click “Edit Button” in the drop box that appears
3) In the box labeled “Download App or Game” click the gray dropdown arrow on the far right
4) Click “Use App”
5) Enter your App’s Landing Page url
6) Click “Save Changes” blue button at the bottom right corner.
Congratulations! You’re done!
Monday —> “Want to see what’s up? Download our App to find out,” add landing page URL.Tuesday —> Simon says, “Download our App” provide link or instructions.Wednesday —> “We’re officially Appy. Are you? Download our App,” add landing page URL.Thursday —> “We’re easy… to do business with. Download our App,” add download link.Friday —> “You don’t look Appy today. Download our App and smile!” Add landing page URL.Saturday —> “VIP Sales Secret Messages on our App!”  Link to App URL.
Sunday —> “Always be Appy. Download our App today and never be un-Appy again,” add links to App stores or landing page URL.
Use this tool https://contentmarketer.io/  where you can schedule a bunch of tweets that will be fed out over time.
You Tube
Have one person holding their mobile phone with your App opened up, while another person stands behind them and shoots a video using their phone. Make several videos that show people:
• How To download the App
• How to access the Rewards Points
• How to sign in and check consignor account
• How to look at Events, share an event and add it to their calendar
• How to shop via Instagram (on your App)
• How to shop via the App (if you have shopping links set up)
• How to use in-App Scheduler
• How to fill out a Wish List
• How to submit a Review or Vote of Employee of the Month
• How to fill out and submit a consignment formNote: Keep videos short, less than 2 minutes if possible. Make as many How To videos as you can and continuously post these videos throughout your social media. For example, don’t just make the “How to access Rewards Points” video and then post it to Facebook one time. Post and re-post this video. Remember, you will be having new people download your app daily, so post the same videos multiple times over and over again.

You do not have to be fancy in your video production. Purchase an inexpensive tripod from Amazon. Place your phone in the tripod and place the tripod on a desktop or countertop and shoot the videos yourself. If you do want to add your company name or logo to the video and don’t know how, visit  fiverr.com or download the Fiverr App.  Hire someone for $5 to edit your videos for you. But seriously – you can shoot the video and post it in less than 10 minutes time!
If you really want to hire a creative, trendy and affordable Pro, we work with videography, Alyssa Moss at http://alyssamoss.com/
LinkedIn and Google +
You may or may not be active on these platforms, but it’s always good to post links to your blog posts, videos and your App on your LinkedIn Profile and Google + Page.  Its excellent SEO and increases your presence on the world wide web, that much more. Besides, you just never know who will see your posts and download your App. It might be your next big customer or a Reporter looking to do an interesting story.

LinkedIn allows you to ask people to write Reviews for you. Select colleagues and your favorite customers who have a LinkedIn Profile and ask if they would be willing to write a review that includes your Mobile App.

Google + is the same. You can ask people to review your business and post it on Google +. Ask colleagues and your favorite customers to write and submit a review which includes them talking about how they use your Mobile App.

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