FAQ – How Do I Promote My App In My Store?

1) Create A Sign, “Why Get Appy With Us”
Creatively incorporate signage at the check out counter, general areas and on displays around your store. Here are some main points to include on your sign, why customers should download your App:
• Clients can check their own Accounts, make payments, see how much they earned
• VIP Specials and Promotions for App-users only
• FLASH Sales – Be the first to know so you can be the first in the door when we have a Flash Sale
• Rewards Points! Earn rewards when you shop, watch for Bonus Rewards Days
• Schedule a Personal Shopping Appointment; Sign up for Classes, Make a Reservation, On-line Ordering
• Send a Wish List of items they’re looking for
• Be the first to know, view, shop for new items, unique items, classes/ menu items, services
• Never miss a social media post – you can Like, Comment & Share right through the App
• Easily refer a friend or colleague
• Shop and purchase merchandise right through the App (either via your in-app store or via a link to your website, eBay, etc)
• Review Us to keep our staff on their toes
• Earn, Track & Redeem Loyalty Points and Program
2) Create A Sign That Targets Consignors/ Vendors, “Consignors Have You Downloaded Our App?”
Let your consignors know that checking their account is just a click away! Keep this sign posted in key areas around your store or at your register.
3) Offer a Reward for Downloading Your App
 On your App under Specials/Promotions/ Coupons Section create  a Discount or Promote that you are offering Rewards Points to all customers who download your app for the first time.  Rewards offer instant gratification and cause the human happy-meter to increase.
4) Use Signage Throughout Your Store To Promote Your App
  • Are you having a Shoe Sale? List the shoe sale as an Event on your App either on the Events page or on the Specials/ Promotions page. Take a screen shot of that page open on your App, showing the event. Print it out and post it in the Shoe Department to promote the sale/event and your App to shoppers. This is a great way to start getting customers used to co-ordinating your App with what is going on in your store.
  • You can create transparent stickers of images of your App and adhere them to fitting room mirrors. Staples and Office Max offer can makes these stickers. You can stick on, peel off and re-use. Great way to teach Customers about your app while they’re trying on clothing. If you’re a furniture store, the stick on/peel off feature is great to use on large mirrors that are for sale and when sold, just remove and adhere to another mirror.
  •  “Review Us and Nominate an Employee of the Month.” Take a screen shot of your App opened on the Review Page. Print and laminate for use around your store or post in fitting rooms or customer fitting areas. Promote that customers can vote for Employee of the Month or give advice and reviews using the App.
  • Take Screen Shots of various pages of your App. Adhere to thick cardboard or 1/4” thick foam core and laminate.  Use these as props to incorporate into your displays throughout your store. Customers will get used to seeing your app around and according to shopping experts this is great subliminal messaging as your customers see images of your app throughout your store. (Note: you can also purchase ‘display phones’ from display stores).
  • If you have a large store front showcase window you can dedicate an entire window display to your app. If you do this, please share these images on our Closed FB page so we can all enjoy your creativity and be inspired. Use signage and images of your app throughout your Window Display.

5) Everyone Should Be Saying/Asking“Download our App”/ “Do you have our App?”

If you want thousands of people to download your App, (you do) then you have to tell thousands of people to download your App.

Incorporate telling people about your App into the every day scripts used in your store. You can phrase it directly as in, “Download our App” or ask it as a question, “Do you have our App?”

Phone script
Check out script
Greeting script
Fitting Room script
Answer to “Do you have a business card?”
“Before you go, Download our App!”

Whether its a question or a statement, it should become as common place as “Hello” and “Good-bye”.

Your App is a perpetual marketing tool with power that increases in direct correlation to the number of people who download it and use it!

Note: Tie in the phrase, “Do you have our app” with the offer of a discount for downloading or to share with them that they can shop your website and Instagram accounts daily for new merchandise. They will also get alerted of VIP events, promotions and other secret, cool stuff just for app users.

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