FAQ – What are Some In-Store Events To Do To Promote My App?

It’s Party-Time  – C’mon Get ‘Appy/ App-er Hours/ Appy-tizer Party

  • Launch your Mobile App in style with a party! Be sure to invite local newspaper writers and bloggers. Promote the party on the App on your Events page. On the Promotions/ Discounts page you don’t have to offer a set discount but you can promote prizes, give-aways, mark-downs or in-store specials that will be available during the party. Use the Share Button to promote in e-mail and on Social Media.
  • Blogger & Social Media Party – Using Google Search locate local Social Media Pros and Bloggers. They LOVE things to blog, tweet and post about. On your App, create a Special Invite on your Events page. On your Specials/Discounts page, include either discounts or promotions that will be available exclusively for them during the party.
  •  Vendor Sponsored Party/ Title Sponsor/ Designer, etc.  There are two ways to do this:
a) Once a quarter or Bi-annually host a party called  “App-er Hours with Designers/XYZ Vendor, etc”
(or whatever creative theme you come up with.)  Invite regular customers and have Designers/ Fashion Consultants/ Vendor give tips and advice. Offer discounts, give-aways and be sure to list those on your Promotions/Specials page of your App. Let the Designers and Fashion Consultants or Vendors hand out their business cards (or feature them on your app!)  Promote the event on your Events page on your App. Be sure to post images of the party on your Instagram feed and take some videos and post to YouTube so customers who couldn’t come get to watch. Use the “Share” button found under your Event on your app, to share the Event via e-mail and on social media. This promotes your App to invitees.
b) Host a party called “App-er Hours” exclusively FOR Designers/ XYZ Vendors & VIPs 
Serve appetizers and have them have a private party, letting them shop, eat (if you’re a restaurant) and play and engage with your merchandise. Make sure to have your staff on hand to help with sales, sampling and make sure everyone is promoting the download of your app. Teach them how to shop your social media pages via your app, and shop your website, place orders, know all the functionality of your app.
  • Add a twist to Girls Night Out by hosting an “Appy-tizer” party. List specials, promotions, give-aways on the Promotions/Special page of your App and feature the Event on the Events page of your App. Use the Share button under the Event to promote the event via social media and e-mail. Use this opportunity to teach Customers how to download and use the app. Have dedicated Team Members just be in charge of helping people download and use your App.
  • Set up a Table in the front of your store during certain times of the day/ week / or at events and use this table as a promotion for your App.
  • Use existing mannequins and merchandise to create a vignette of your App in use. For display purposes, you can take a screen shot of your App, print it, adhere it to some cardboard or 1/4” thick foam core cut the size of your mobile app, laminate it and then us it in your displays around your store.

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