What is a FLASH SALE and How Will It Help My Business?

Flash Sales are a brilliant and fun way to keep customers on their toes, offering a surprise sale in the middle of their day. This keeps them engaged with you and your App! Its also a great incentive to get people to sign up for your App. Who wouldn’t want to know about surprise and secret sales?

A Flash Sale is an un-planned sale that happens quickly and at the spur of the moment. Of course you can plan out your Flash Sales on your marketing calendar but the element of surprise is the key to its success so don’t announce it until the day its happening.

Your Mobile App also gives you the power to have a Flash Sale any time you want. Rainy day? Hot day? Slow day? Huge new arrivals? Large inventory about to hit a Sale Rack? Using the power of your Push Notification you can send out a quick message to all of your Customers inviting them into the store for extra Rewards Points, extra Discounts, First look, etc. Invite customers in during certain times to keep it exclusive such as “today between 11-2.”

Flash Sale Ideas
• Slow day
• Large Kate Spade Collection or Lululemon hitting the floor?
• Incredible “must see” home decor just arrived?
• Invite Clients to a VIP sale with extra discounts only between the hours of 11-2.
• Did you just find some extra Gift bags in the storage closet? Reward customers with a special VIP gift when they shop today only from 12 -4.
• First day of school? Flash Sale for all Moms and Dads who took their kids to school today.
• Is your accessories case dripping with Bling? Have a Bling Me Home Flash Sale from 12-2.

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