How to add a user to the app the manual way.

Sometimes, due to reasons only know to God and the cloud despite your best efforts the user that added themselves to the app doesn’t get the email with the code to verify their account. This is generally due to only a few reasons.

  • The email was misspelled.
  • The verification email went to spam
  • The email they signed up with is not accessible by the customer thus they cannot retrieve the code
  • It was eaten by gremlins

In this case the override is to enter them into the system manually.

Once entered this way you bypass the verification process and the user is automatically in the system.

Please note. We have to follow the exact same process. It is the only other way to add a user.


Login to the app control panel.

Navigate to the User section

Find the user that you have been having trouble with.

Note: you can search for their name or email. If you cannot find them they are either not in the system or you are not spelling correctly.


Delete the old record. 

NOTE reseting the Pw at this point is not going to solve the issue as it emails a reset to the customer.

Now select ADD NEW USER

Fill in the boxes.

Click SAVE


Click update in the TOP RIGHT CORNER OF THE PAGE.


Click YES when this shows

The user is now in the system if you did things correctly.

Again. This is the same process we use. There is no other way of adding them manually.

If they cannot login now.

Check they are getting data streamed to their phone. You would be surprised that people try to use phones with NO data plan.

If their is no data on their phone plan connect them to your WIFI




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