How Do I Increase My App’s Search-ability With Ratings & Reviews?

In the coming years as Apps gain in popularity, there will be App Search Engines in the App Stores just like there are Website Search Engines for the Internet. The most popular Internet Search Engines are Google and Bing.  (SEO = Search Engine Optimization, how easily people can find your website; ASO = App Search Optimization, how easily people can find your app.)

To get your App in position for the coming years of when people can search the App Stores (ASO)  just like searching for a website and, for that day when Apps will be available for searching on the Internet, you want to start getting lots and lots of Reviews of your App, in the App Stores.

Have you ever rated an App that you use? Have you rated your banking App or a shopping App? If you have then you know what we’re talking about here. Your App can be reviewed the very same way.

Note: You need several Reviews before they begin to show up. Get about 10-20 people to write a review and they don’t all have to be perfect 5 star reviews. 


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