How Do I Sell Merchandise Through My Mobile App?

As on-line and mobile shopping continues to emerge, with the expectation that Resale alone will outpace all e-commerce and retail sectors in the next 10 years, its extremely important that you get into the game.

On-line and mobile market places are slowly penetrating the backyard markets and customers of brick and mortar stores. Chances are if you polled your customers today you would find many of them have already browsed, if not made purchases or sold items on Snob Swap, Postmark or Thred Up. Poll again 10 months from now and you will most likely see that number has increased.

If you do a poll and the number is low – congratulations! You can introduce this predestined shopping habit to your customers before they find it elsewhere.

Note: If you’re asking the question “What if someone makes an on-line purchase and it sells in the store at the same time?” you’re not alone. Many Business Owners have already encountered or answered that. Some stores don’t process the payments until the items have been confirmed available. Other store owners place a note on the check out page letting customers know that sales are not final until the merchandise is confirmed available. Most customers shopping Resale know that there is only one item of its kind for sale and for the most part are understanding when its not available. I haven’t heard of any Store Owners saying that this has been much of an issue, but it is something to be prepared for.

There are many different ways to sell Merchandise through your Mobile App:

Link to eBay
Link to your eBay Store.  If eBay is a part of your on-line strategy we can link your eBay store to your mobile app. Some store owners use eBay as part of the overall sales strategy while others use it to move “expired” merchandise.  Bailey Handsaker and Joni Vilhauer, Owners of Modao sell regularly on eBay.

Link to PoshMark, Snob Swap and Other On-Line/ Mobile Marketplaces
Isn’t it great to have multiple opportunities to sell merchandise?  Your Mobile App is a portal to ALL of the locations on-line where you sell merchandise. You can sell merchandise in 5 or 6 different on-line/mobile app stores and we can link to them all.  This allows you to really build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Link to your e-Commerce Website
Do you sell on your own website? Link to your web store to your Mobile App so customers can see what you have for sale on your website and shop any time through your App.

Link to Boutique Window
If you use Boutique Window we can link it up to your Mobile App. Customers can browse through your merchandise and make a purchase.
Create an in-App e-Commerce Store
If you don’t have e-Commerce on your website you can create it on your App. We will create an actual store right in your App where you can easily post items for sale and people can buy them and check out from your Mobile App e-Commerce Store! 

Link To Instagram
We’ve discussed Instagram before but I’m listing it here again because its SO powerful. Twice I’ve been in a Consignment Store when a customer walked in and said, “I’m here to see if  you still have that ‘XYZ’ item that you posted on Instagram. In both cases the customers purchased the products. You can keep your Instagram Account located under the Social Media section of your App. Make a conscious effort to post items there daily. When posting an item you don’t have to be fancy in your photos. Just start! One Store Owner I know  simply lays the clothes on the floor for a photo. List the prices and sizes of each item and you can post in about 1 minute. Younger generations are used to the hip and trendy ways of taking photos to post on social media so this is an excellent task for your younger staff, but anyone can do it!  I recently watched 7 women all over the age of 50 running around the store taking photos and posting to Instagram. Anyone can learn.

Link to Facebook
This is the same as Instagram above. Many stores owners like Janna and Dennis Sewell, Owners of StillGoode Consignments and Melissa Morales, Owner of Back By Popular Demand can directly trace a fairly large percentage of sales to Facebook. I also just met a new Furniture Consignment Store owner that is local to me who shared her average turn over is 18 days in her store and she can trace many of the sales back to Facebook.Post items for sale on Facebook and train your customers to “shop” your Facebook page through your Mobile App, thus avoiding the algorithms so all your customers can see your news feed.

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