Training Module – What Specials and Promotions Can I Promote Through My App?

 The “Traditional” Discount 
An old-fashioned traditional discount will lure customers like ice cold lemonade on a hot day. They’re traditional because these discounts have withstood the test of time and can be used in just about every industry.Examples of the Traditional Discount include: percentage off (10% off) a dollar amount discount ($50 off) or a reduced price (was $200, now $157)

  The “Buy This, Get That” Promotion
This is another classic in the world of discounts and promotions. Consumers feel like they’ve really won when they are rewarded for doing something or given something for free or at a deep discount.  This type of offer is a terrific way to reward your customers for making a purchase with your company, by offering them a gift with purchase or giving them extra rewards points.
While this is considered a coupon or promotion in the marketing world, it could also be viewed favorably as an “Incentive to Purchase” or “Reward for Purchase”.

Examples of the “Buy This Get That” Promotion include:  “BOGO” (Buy One Get One), “Receive a Free X, with the Purchase of every Y”, or GWP (Gift With Purchase). This coupon/ promotion type is used heavily in the fragrance and cosmetics industries with their famous promotions of “Gift with Purchase” or “Bonus Time”. One such company, Clinique has coined the phrase, “Its Clinique Bonus Time.”

 Birthday Discount
The famous author Maya Angelo wrote, “people don’t always remember what you said, but they always remember how you made them feel.” This directly applies to the Birthday Coupon. You will turn up the feel good factor to such a high volume that many customers will do business with you again just because you gave them a discount or a freebie on their birthdays.Starbucks and Panera Bread are two companies that win big with this on-going year round promotion. Everyone who has the Starbucks Mobile App knows that you get a free coffee drink of any size and Panera usually offers a free pastry redeemable during your birthday week.

First Time App User Coupon
This coupon really crushes it on so many levels.First, you are rewarding people for doing something you want them to do, which is to download your App. Getting someone to download your App is as valuable as getting them to come into your store, restaurant or place of business. It’s all about traffic to your business or website and with a Mobile App, its all about the downloads… which will drive traffic to your place of business or your website (or they can make purchases right on your App if you have e-commerce set up.)

Second, this type of coupon encourages a purchase. Whether someone is a first time customer or a long time loyal fan, consumers are more likely to make a purchase of a higher dollar value when they are offered an incentive on their purchase.

Third, you are directly engaging customers with your Mobile App. They are downloading it and learning how to go to the Coupons/ Promotions button and check for specials. They are now fully interacting with you via your Mobile App


If Your Business Doesn’t Offer Discounts …

If you’re a business that doesn’t offer Coupons or Discounts, look around your store to find out what you DO promote or what you DO have in store as a special offer and promote that on your Mobile App on the Specials/Promotions page. The Promotions/ Specials/ Sales Section doesn’t have to be used only to offer discounts. It can be used to spotlight new arrivals or a very unique piece or collection. If you want to rename your Sales/Specials Page to “Spot Light” contact

Receive a Discount/ Rewards Points if You Like Us On Social Media
1.04 billion people are active on Facebook every single day. Chances are your customers are one of those billions. Today, social media plays an important role the marketing of businesses.That said, offering an incentive to share your App on Social Media is a great way to get some viral marketing started.

You don’t have to give a discount, you can offer Rewards Points just for sharing the App on their social media.

In the Promotions/ Sale/ Coupon Section of your App create a “Coupon” that reads, “Earn 25 Rewards points for sharing this App on your social media.  Have them share it while in the store and show you their Facebook page at the check out counter. Fun and engaging.

The On-Going Sales Event

Ellen Didion, owner of two Chic To Chic locations has an on-going sales event called “Work Out Wednesday”. Wear your work out clothes to the store on Wednesdays and receive a discount.  Rene Stone, owner of Second Time Treasures runs a sales event called Free Top Thursday. Every Thursday when you buy 3 tops, you get a 4th top free. She also runs another weekly event called Tutu Tuesday. Take a photo of a Tutu, any tutu and receive 10% off your entire purchase.

Keeping these sales events posted on your app keeps them top of mind for customers. But remember to keep adding new sales events alongside these staples so customers see you have lots of activity going on.

New Markdowns
We all know the power of the markdown. That little red dot which calls out to customers saying, “Buy me now. I’m now even more affordable than last week!” In your store Markdowns happen every day, especially if you run on a date scale. In your Promotions/ Discount section remind your customers of how your date scale works in your store.Use your Promotions/ Specials/ Discounts Section to let customers know of seasonal discounts, new Markdowns and anything that is extra special in your store.
New Arrivals
Just like new markdowns, new arrivals offer the first look at what’s just arrived, tantalizing your customers to “get it now before its gone,” or “be the first one to have this.”

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