Training Module: What Are Best Uses and Practices For Push Notifications?

To learn how to send a Push Notification, click here for the short video tutorial:
Click here for the short written tutorial:
Send Push Notifications every 7-14 days or at the very least once per month.
According to a Gallop Poll: 11% of smart phone users check their phones every few minutes and 41% check their phones every hour. 92% of smart phone users are never more than 3 feet away from their phones 24 hours/ day. The Push Notification is the fastest and easiest way to reach your customers.

Send Push Notifications For:
Flash Sales, Seasonal Consignment Dates (No More Summer Consignment, bring in your Fall Wear), Events, Available Consignment Appointments, New Products, New Arrivals, New Events just listed, New Promotions just listed, New Staff, Exciting News, Teasers to draw people to your social media pages, New Videos posted, New Blog Posts, Contests, Friday Funnies, Tuesday Trivia (with answers on Social Media  later in the day) Monday Motivations.Grab people’s attention. Instead of just typing your message, use a great opener.

Be creative in your message and remember to intersperse Announcements, Sales and Promotions with some Humor and Motivational messages as well.

Push Notifications are a relationship building tool!
Use these Attention Grabbing openers to get you started:
Attention Grabbing Openers

“Legalize Maranara – Eat Pasta!”
“Come see our buns on display.”
“Sighs matter… Cheer up with (wine, shopping, pizza.)”
“We’d like to tie you up… in a scarf”
“Bling Bling anybody home?”
“Looking for One Night-Stand?”
“Feel like throwing your hands up? Great. Mani appts available.”
“We’ve got great legs… on our tables that just arrived.”
“Cafe Ole’! No bull about it, check out promotions on our coffee beans today”
“Free ice cubes with every soda. Pizza and beer specials too!”
“Good Afternoon DIY’er”
“Santa called, you’re on the nice list. Come in for a free facial.”
“Santa called, you’re on the naughty list. Come in for a drink and let’s talk about it.”
“Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a cupcake and that’s really, the same thing.”
“Sniff. Sniff. Sniff. Is that a new car smell? Luxury just arrived on the lot and it smells great!”
“Life is About Balance” so some in and shop our BOGO 50% off sale.”
“SRD (Single Red Dress) size 10 looking for a good time out.”
“If it all seems under control, you’re not going fast enough. Test drive the new Camaro today.”
“Depresso – the feeling you get when you run out of coffee.”
“A  yawn is a silent scream for, “COFFEE!!”
“Good Morning Beautiful”
“Hello Gorgeous”
“Who’s Thirsty? It’s Girls Night Out”
“We’d like to tie you up… in a scarf”
“Bling Bling anybody home?”
“Looking for One Night-Stand?”
“Peek into our drawers…”
“We’ve got great legs… on our tables that just arrived.”
“Hello Weekend Warrior”
“These Boots are made for walking…right out of here and into your life!”
“Good Afternoon DIY’er”
“Santa called”
“Oooops! We went red pen crazy – new markdowns all over the place!”
“Hello Fabulous”
“We love you”
“Raindrops falling on your head?”
“Hello Design Diva”

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