Training Module: What Events Can I Promote Through My App?

There are several different types of Events you can feature on your App:

Activity Event

  • Examples of Activity Events include Girls Night Out, Bands, Workshops,  If you use Facebook or Google Calendar then your App is already connected to these sources so when you post an event it will automatically populate onto your App.

Sales Event

  • Create an event such as  “A Sole-full Experience” where you’re drawing attention to your shoe dept. or “A Flair Affair” where you’re drawing attention to evening gowns and formal wear. For furniture stores a sales event might be “Get Into Our Drawers” and feature dressers and armoires. (Yes, I made these up and yes, you can use them.)

Pop-Up Store/Location

  • Third, is a Pop Up Store/ Location. If Pop Up Stores are part of your strategy you can promote your Pop Up Shop and drive traffic there using your Mobile App. Use the Events section of your App to list the details of where you will be and when. Send a Push Notification when you’re open for business and include a special offer, coupon, discount for your App users to further entice them to come and shop with you.

Mobile Store

  • Similar to a Pop Up Store, but on wheels! Food Trucks have gained in popularity, style and culture with gourmet foods and even fresh lobster being sold on the go. Retail is seeing its own emergence of this cultural twist to brick and mortar. Use your Mobile App to drive traffic to wherever your Mobile Shop will be. Announce your planned location and dates in the Events section of your App. Make each location and date its own event on your App. Send a Push Notification out once you’ve arrived at your location. You can take this one step further by adding a simple, inexpensive tracking device to your Mobile Store and we can link it to the App. Customers can see your exact location! You can also create a special discount/ sale for App users who shop at your Mobile Store.

   New Season/ End of Season Event
  • Use your Events Section to kick off a new selling season, or close out a previous one. Let customers know that “now through XYZ date you’re closing out the winter season and getting warmed up for Spring.” You don’t have to offer any discounts, just simply let them know its your Say Good-Bye to Winter Event.


  • Use the Events section of your app to highlight kitchen interiors, patio furniture, spring time shoes or any new products or services that you want to spotlight. Let customers know that “Now through XYZ date we’re spotlighting all table lamps.” Maybe you’re not really running any kind of in-store promotion on table lamps, but use your app to create a Mobile App event and spotlight any category you desire.


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