Training Module: How Do I Use My App For Contests?

Just like a Flash Sale, you can create a contest any time using a Form on your app.  One company who uses this strategy regularly, received over 200 NEW app downloads and experienced a 5% increase in total sales during the time of one of their contests. Whether you have an on-line website store or a brick and mortar store you can create a contest.

How does the Contest Entry Form work on your App? We can create a button labeled “Entry Form” that stays on your App permanently for any time use.

You personally change the verbiage at the top of the form to reflect when you are or are not running a contest. For example, when you’re not running a contest have the verbiage at the top read, “Sorry, we don’t have a contest going right now, but check back soon because we love giving stuff away and there will be another contest coming shortly.”

When you do have a contest you change the verbiage at the top of the form to read, “We’re having a contest! Fill out this form and enter to win this Kate Spade bag in our Spring Into Action Contest.”

At the bottom of every entry form, you can have a box that people can check, “yes please add me to your e-mail newsletter.”  You can also have a little survey on the bottom part of your form to ask how people found out about your app, and if they follow you on all the major social media platforms. This is a great way to find out how people are finding out about your app and to get more followers and social media.

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