Training Module: How Do I Use My App To Increase My Sell Through Ratio?

Sell-through ratios are an important number in your business.

With a little open-mindedness, ingenuity and creativity you can increase the Sell Through Ratio by using your mobile app in multiple ways: 

  • Create a Photo Album on your app called “Going Going Go.n.e…” Don’t just use your App’s photo Album for New Arrivals and unique pieces. Feature items that are about to hit their RIP/ expiration date. Even the most discerning customers LOVE bargains, which has given rise to stores like Filene’s Bargain Basement, Nordstrom’s Rack, Outlet Malls and the online growing industry of Resale. Designating space on your app to deeply discounted items will  drive traffic to your to your App. Its the mobile version of hitting the clearance racks in a store, but they are checking the clearance section on your App.
  • Conversely Create a Photo Album of Unique, Exemplary Items. Showcasing rare, fun, unique finds will give your app users the inside scoop to preview such items from the comfort of their homes. It also gives them the opportunity to see these items before anyone else sees them in your store. Stores use the concept called “Double Facing” merchandise which means you see a bag of Cheetos on the end rack of the grocery store and you see it in its regular home in the chips aisle. Double facing unique, higher priced items give them more exposure and increase their chances of being sold that much faster. 


  • Create Grab Bags. Group items according to size and place  into Grab Bags. Close the Bag and seal it so that its a mystery bag and for $10, $15 or $20 they get everything that is in the bag. Feature these on Instagram and feature them on your App’s Photo Album in their own designated area. Keena Darland of Give Back Boutique in Mooresville, NC purchases cheap vases and fills them with accessories, selling the entire “treasure of gems” for just $10. They are found around her store and on her App.


  • To  tailor Grab Bag concept to furniture, group together accessories or place an entire vignette of expired or almost expired furniture and decor on deep discount. Feature this vignette on your App, by creating a Photo Album designated to Deeply Discounted merchandise. Share to Instagram as well. This is great to target to college students both going to college and newly those graduated who are moving into apartments.


  • Promote these Grab Bags/ Vignettes on your Mobile App under the Promotions/Coupons/ Specials Section AND/OR promote them on your App’s Photo Album and on Instagram.


  • Utilizing the strategies outlined in the Previous Marketing Modules.  Events Marketing Module, Push Notifications Marketing Module and the Specials and Promotions Marketing Module, will all help increase your sell through ratio. 
  • Keep your customers “shopping” your social media pages via your app. Don’t rely on the algorithms of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to make sure your posts hit all of your customers. With your mobile app all app users see all the posts. If you post daily or weekly merchandise or videos you’re again giving more exposure to increase your sell through ratio. If you post a chair on Facebook and Instagram and that same chair is in a video and on your website, customers have the potential of seeing that chair 4 times verses one time if they just walk through your store. 

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