How Do I Use Videos on My App?

Videos don’t have to be professional productions in order to efficiently and effectively communicate. Some of YouTube’s hottest videos are raw footage. If you want to add your store’s information or some music to the video you can use as a great resource for fast, affordable and professional work.
All Apple computers come with the built in software Quick Time Player. This is video-making and recording software that very easy to use. You can upload this into the also built in iMovie software for quick and easy edits.

For PC users one easy to use video editor is There are many others, this just happens to be the favorite of Dennis Sewell owner of StillGoode Consignment.

Make a video about tips,  valuable advice or “What’s going on around here today,” sharing behind the scenes experiences. Video office fun, birthdays, pets in the work-place.  Use the power of video to teach and inspire your customers about products, services or share life-changing motivational stories.

If you’re camera shy, find a staff member who isn’t or share other peoples’ videos onto your YouTube page.

You can have multiple YouTube Channels that are linked to your App so if you have favorite channels of stylists, fashion runways, home decor, before and after furniture rehabs, you can have those videos available on your App!

Ellen Didion, Owner of Chic To Chic does a great job of using videos. Julia Austin, Owner of Fifi’s Fine Resale in Cornelius, NC  uses video to showcase her store and had a Google Tour done.

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