Push notifications are short messages sent directly to a user’s mobile device from within you app that, when used properly, can increase user traffic, notify customers of important information likes sales and new products, and much more. There has been a lot of chat around lately about the right and wrong ways to use push notifications to generate traffic within your mobile app. In order to not annoy your users or scare them away with overly aggressive push notifications, we recommend following these simple guidelines to keep people engaged and happy.

Don’t over do it.

Most mobile devices today have tens, or even hundreds, of apps installed. With all of those apps, push notification frequency can get overwhelming. Applications with the highest frequency of irrelevant push notifications are the first applications to get un-installed. The solution is simple: don’t over do it. For social apps where people would like to be notified of someone commenting on their post or updates to a message board, notifications can be increased, but for advertising or promotional purposes, less is more.

Be personable.

Sometimes it’s okay to take a break from business and let your customers know your company is not a robotic money-making machine. During the holiday season or on birthdays send a simple, “Happy Thanksgiving from Parse,” or “Happy Birthday. You’re Awesome,” instead of, “Save 15% on everything today only.” People will appreciate the friendly note and your app could see increased traffic without using a pitch.

Setup Categories

With your Brandgarden app you can setup categories of notifications so users can only get the things they want.


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