On the subject of customer or client loyalty, we know that it costs more to get new customers than to keep the customers you have.  And, its great news that customers are continuing to report on surveys that they love apps and they love shopping at businesses who have a mobile app. A mobile app has made the it easier than ever to build long-term, loyal relationships with your customers. 

Here are 6 EASY Time & Money SAVING Ways to Build Loyal, Long-Terms Relationships With Your Customers using a Mobile App:

1. Flash Sales/ VIP Sales/ VIP “First Dibbs”

Use your App to really make your customers feel VIP. Yes you could have 10,000 customers and all 10,000 customers could have your app, but when they receive a Push Notification on their personal mobile device, they will feel special. (Especially if you have followed the steps in how to write great Push Notifications).

a) Use your app to let customers know about brand new menu items, merchandise or services that you are offering. Did you just get an unexpected delivery of handbags, crab legs or promotional items? Send A Push Notification letting your customers know they are the first ones “to know.”

b) Send a Push Notification that you’re having a Flash Sale. The beauty of the push notification is that its instant and real time. Unlike print where you have to pre-plan your sales and events, create flyers, send them off to get printed and then plan your mail date, you can wake up any morning of the week and decide “I’m going to have a sale today and offer free champagne and appetizers to everyone who comes in,” and you can send out a Push Notification telling the world about your sale even before you pop the cork on the champagne.

Being invited to a last minute Flash Sale, or being offered “free products, an extra service or something extra special” for today or tonight only is a GREAT way to show your customers some love and that they really have VIP status.

2. Changing up your Coupons/ Promotions and adding Events.

Action breeds action the same way success breeds success. People want to go where they action is. If you don’t show your customers that you have much action going on, they will think your business has become stagnant and stale. If you are consistently changing up your Coupons/ Promotions, offering extra Loyalty Points and adding In-store or On-line events to your mobile app, they will see that you’re a business with a lot going on. “They’re always having a sale,” or “they have so much going on,” are exactly the comments you want to hear from your customers. No one likes boring and stagnant. People like action.

3. Bonus Points

No one does this better than Starbucks! Need proof? Download the Starbucks app, sign up and use it at least once or twice to experience how Starbucks uses Bonus Points or “Stars” as they call them to increase sales and show the love to their customers. I have actually left my office where I have a fabulous Nespresso Machine and drove to a nearby Starbucks just to buy a coffee and receive extra bonus points they were awarding that day.

You can look at giving away extra points as giving away money… or consider it as advertising dollars that are driving traffic into your store and the opportunity to reward customers for making the trip and a purchase!

4. Create a Contest

Just like a Flash Sale, you can create a contest any time using a Form on your app.  One retail company uses this strategy regularly and received 200 unique sign-ups and experienced a 5% increase in total during the time of the contest. Whether you have an on-line website store or a brick and mortar store you can create a contest and increase sales.

You can use a Form that you already have on your app or, I’m a fan of creating a special “Contest Entry” Form that stays on the app permanently for any time use. When you have a specialized Contest Entry Form you can change the verbiage at the top of the form any time so during times when you’re not running a contest the verbiage at the top can read, “Sorry, we don’t have a contest going right now, but check back soon because we love giving stuff away and there will be another contest coming shortly.” 

When you do have a contest you can change the verbiage to read, “We’re having a contest! Fill out this form and enter to win our Spring Into Action Contest.”

At the bottom of every form, you can have a little box that people can check, “yes please add me to your e-mail newsletter.”

5. Personal Shopper/ Personal Helper/ Personal Chef

Again, using another Form you can create a Personal Shopper/ Personal Helper/ Personal Chef Form.

With this form your customers can tell you what they want and what they’re looking for. Depending upon the sophistication (level of technology) app that you have, you can go in and view the entire list of what people have filled out. If you’re a restaurant you can gain insight into some dishes your customers would be interested in. If you own a consignment store you can gain interest into what items your customers are interested in purchasing and you can be on the look out for them.

6. Customer Feedback

Let’s face it, its human nature to want to give our opinion both when we’re asked for it and when we’re not.

Thanks to social media and apps like Yelp, people can let the world know what they think of you before you know what they think of you.

Wouldn’t you like to know what your customers are thinking and have the opportunity to make it right?

There are three levels of customer experience:  poor, good, excellent.  When things are poor or excellent people are more likely to speak up than when things are just plain “good.” “Good” means their expectations were met. “Excellent” means you knocked their socks. “Poor” means, you messed up, or someone did that works for you.

Using the Forms feature, once again, you can create a How Did We Do form. Let customers sing the praises of a staff member of offer some potentially helpful tips of improvement. This is a great way to implement a Staff Member of the Month program and to let your customers choose the winning Staff Member. Your Staff will fully be engaged in getting people to download your app and they will be on their extra best behavior as they ask their customers to please fill out the form and vote for them, leaving a good review. You can even add a points feature in your app which allows your customers to give a numeric rating of 1-5 or 1-10.

Your customers already know, like and trust you. They’ve told you so by spending their dollars with you. Most consumers don’t like to go out and find new businesses to shop with, they like to feel they’re in a relationship with businesses People will spend more and more money with you if you reward them and love on them a little.  These 6 strategies are a sure-fire way to shower your customers with love and in return getting some more love in the form of dollars back from your customers!


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